the Thomas project

the Thomas project began with my idea to provide neuro-diverse adolescents and young adults, particularly those on the Autism spectrum, with a space to make art. my brother, Thomas, is on the Autism spectrum and he inspires me to find joy and excitement in the little things. growing up with him in my life has given me the passion to offer support and hold space for others like him. 

students in this program are encouraged to consider mediums new to them as well as to pursue existing art-related interests. they are also encouraged to push any limitations they may have set for themselves and explore. in doing so, they learn the value of patience with self, allowing for and growing from error, decision-making, and commitment to/follow through with a project. these are key to self-awareness and self-expression. most importantly, execution of this program ALWAYS remains flexible in order to accommodate each student’s talents and abilities. 

in January of 2019 i began implementing the Thomas project as an after-school program at The HUB Houston, who has generously provided me with a space and the resources to take the first steps. i hope to expand the project in the future to serve a wider range of participants, as well as invite artists in the community to invest their time and knowledge in this next generation of artists.