About 5 By Design

5 By Design was originally developed to provide financial support to animal rescue groups in Qatar, but is now providing support to a number of organizations in different countries, including the U.S. and Canada. The overall mission of 5 By Design is to save and improve the lives of abandoned animals. The charity also makes a point of supporting independent artists in expressing their love for animals.

Maria became involved with 5 By Design in late 2017 when she met with the charity's founder. She was thrilled to partner with the charity and immediately had the idea of creating artwork for them focusing exclusively on black cats as she has two of her own, Petunia and Moondo. As you may know, black cats have been regarded as bad luck in Western history for centuries dating back to the Salem witch trials. To condense, this stems from the notion that witches were able to "shape-shift" and take the form of black cats. Unfortunately, the effect of this seemingly innocent superstition reaches modern day animal shelters where black cats are often last to be adopted and are euthanized at a faster rate. Through the designs she creates for 5 By Design, Maria hopes to bring awareness to this trend and promote appreciation for black cats' beauty and personality. 

Maria's designs can be found under the Shop by Artist tab on the 5 By Design website.